Aggressive rhinos charge at car caught on camera

Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A visitor to South Africa's Kruger National Park captured video of a territorial white rhino charging at a car and nearly smashing into the vehicle as it flees.

The video, recorded Sept. 11, shows cars stopped on a road running through the park while a rhinoceros watches the vehicles from nearby.

The filmer's vehicle slowly creeps toward the scene until the rhino begins to move toward a gray Audi traveling in the other direction.

The Audi speeds away from the scene as the rhino goes into a full charge and nearly collides with the sedan as it flees.

The filmer backs away from the rhino as it returns to the side of the road.

A former ranger said white rhinos are usually less aggressive than black rhinos, but the vehicle may have attracted the creature's wrath by driving through a rival bull rhino's dung in the road, giving it the smell of an invader in the rhino's territory.
Ben Hooper

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