Alligator captured near Rhode Island campground

Sept. 19 (UPI) -- An alligator spotted near a campsite in Rhode Island was captured with the help of a man from Florida who jumped on the reptile's back.

Glocester police said officers responded Saturday afternoon to Snake Hill Road, near the Holiday Acres Campground, on a report of an alligator spotted in the street.

A crowd of witnesses gathered on the road to block the alligator from leaving before police arrived. Witnesses said one man, Ron Rossier, jumped on top of the reptile.

"The adrenaline was happening the whole time. It wasn't until it was all over with I was like, 'Do you have a heart attack pill anybody?'" Rossier told WJAR-TV.

Rossier's gator-wrestling skills allowed a Glocester officer to get a catch pole noose around the alligator's neck.

"The officer made his move with the noose and I made my move," Rossier said.

Rossier, who is from Florida, said he is used to seeing alligators in person. He said he wanted to protect the alligator as much as other humans in the area.

"It could have been a different story if he got into the lake. There's kids around. I care about animals, and I wanted to make sure he was safe," Rossier said.

Police said the alligator's origins are unknown.
Ben Hooper

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