Deadly snake tries to get in through salon window

Sept. 19 (UPI) -- An Australian snake catcher shared video of a deadly eastern brown snake attempting to get into a hair salon's window.

Stew Lalor of Snake Catcher Brisbane, Logan & Redlands -- Elite Snake Catching Services posted a video to Facebook showing the snake attempting to get in through a window at the salon before a small dog runs and barks at the glass in a bid to scare off the invading reptile.

Lalor said the snake apparently "fancied himself some fish and chips" and had initially attempted to get into a nearby eatery before setting its serpentine sights on the salon.

Lalor said the shop owners did the right thing by closing their doors and calling a professional to take care of the eastern brown snake, one of the most venomous species of snake in the world.

"There are bins at shops, so there are probably rats and mice, which is what attracts the snakes," Lalor told the Wynnum Herald. "It would've got the scent of a rat or mouse and then was working out how to get there. The shop owners responded really well."

"There were a couple of people who wanted to be a hero and kill it but they kept them away while they waited for me to arrive," he said.
Ben Hooper

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