Saabs Arexis family of EW products in final development

Sept. 14 (UPI) -- Saab Defense reported Wednesday that it is in the final stages of development of a new family of Electronic Warfare self-protection systems.

The systems include a new advanced electronic attack jammer pod, Saab said in a press release. It can protect aircraft strike formations from low-frequency radars is on display at a defense and security exhibition in Britain.

One version of Arexis is the on-board EW suite on new versions of Gripen E/F fighters, according to the company.

Saab said the jammer pod's capability comes from use of DRFM-based jamming techniques such as smart noise, coherent false targets and various saturation techniques.

Arexis' core technologies are ultra-wideband digital receivers and digital radio frequency memory devices, as well as gallium nitride solid state active electronically scanned array jammer transmitters and interferometric direction finding systems.

For the advanced electronic attack application, the technologies are adapted to the lower frequency ranges needed to jam modern anti-stealth air defense systems.
Richard Tomkins

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