Kobe Bryant, Aaron Rodgers get kids out of exams

May 19 (UPI) -- This trend could catch on fast.

Kobe Bryant and Aaron Rodgers recently assisted high school students in getting out of final exams, with the help of Twitter.

Ben Davis High School student William Pate tweeted Bryant Thursday with a long shot proposition. The senior, who plays middle linebacker for the Indianapolis area school's football team, asked the future Hall of Fame basketball player for help getting out of his final exam.


The tweet currently has more than 600 retweets, including one from Bryant, and has been liked more than 1,500 times. Bryant clicked the retweet button a little more than six hours after the original tweet.

"Hope you have an A in this class," Bryant wrote on his retweet. Bryant's response has been retweeted more than 8,600 times and liked nearly 23,000 times.

The Wayne Township School District also released a statement on the situation.

"We are excited that our students and staff are learning a great lesson in the power of social media with the response to Ben Davis High School student William Pate's tweet by Kobe Bryant," the statement said via ABC 6 Indianapolis. "Because Ben Davis High School requires all teachers to give a final assessment, Mr. Belser is developing a creative way to assess his students' knowledge of the material they have learned this year."

The photo Pate tweeted shows him shaking hands with his teacher after making the deal. The exam was in a U.S. government class.

But Bryant wasn't the only athlete to dish an academic assist this week. The Green Bay Packers quarterback lobbed one of his famous Hail Mary passes for a student at Janesville CSD in Janesville, Iowa.

Rodgers received a tweet from Peyton Meyer asking for help getting out of his high school sports literature final.

"@AaronRodgers12 our teacher agreed to not give us a final in sports lit if you retweet this," Meyer wrote. "PLEASE RETWEET SHE IS YOUR BIGGEST FAN!"

The two-time NFL MVP responded with a retweet 20 minutes later saying: "I'm sure a sports lit final is very important, but here you go....#PayItForwardFriday."

Rodgers has 3.3 million Twitter followers while Bryant has 11.5 million followers.

Bryant and Rodgers have combined for 24 All-Star/Pro Bowl appearances, six championships and three MVP awards.
Alex Butler

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