Custom-fit drone sweaters make drones look and feel less cold

A San Francisco-based artist is helping drones become both more efficient and approachable by making them custom-fitted sweaters.

Danielle Baskin initially created the aptly named "drone sweaters" as a joke but quickly learned they served a practical purpose for some drown owners.

"It started as a joke/art piece, but actually drone-owners in cold climates have told me that their drones have problems with their battery life during the winter," she told The Verge. "I was thinking that I should add pockets to the sweaters that can hold portable heaters or make the sweater electric so it keeps the drone at a warmer temperature, and actually this would be useful, if not just for novelty."

Baskin added that the $189 fashion accessories not only keep the drones from colder temperatures, but also help combat the "cold" mechanical look of the remote controlled aircrafts that cause some people to fear them.

The sweaters come in three pieces custom-fitted at Baskin's San Francisco studio to cover each specific drone's arms, according to Digital Trends.

A variety of different materials are also available to accommodate different styles of drones or patterns of usage.

"While wool is very warm and one of the best insulating materials, take into account how often it will need to be washed, and whether it will make your drone more uncomfortable due to itching," the dronesweaters website states. "A good blend of washable wool and cotton or acrylic may be the best bet."

Baskin acknowledged that the idea of putting a sweater on a drone may seem silly, but encouraged owners to consider the machine's performance before dismissing the idea.

"Remember, drone sweaters are not just a novelty -- for many drones, they're a necessity," the website states. "So don't feel embarrassed buying your drone a sweater. With the right cold-weather gear, winter can really be a wonderland for your drone."

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