Report: U.S. Navy received almost 400 patents in fiscal 2015

The U.S. Department of the Navy received 393 patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in fiscal year 2015, according to the Office of Naval Research.

The patents include a variety of innovations, such as a process for creating sustainable fuels using natural turpentine, and a method for filtering data from multiple hardware devices into a single interface, allowing one person to control more than one unmanned vehicle system. This marks the largest number of patents received by the Navy since fiscal year 1977.

"One of the most important components of ONR's mission is maturing the next generation of cutting-edge science and technology," Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Mat Winter said in a statement. "By securing the intellectual property rights of these game-changing technologies each year, we help our warfighters retain the technological edge on the battlefield."

The Office of Naval Research manages the Navy's intellectual property investments, trademarks, copyrights, inventions and royalty payments. ONR officials say a surge in innovation as seen in fiscal year 2015 is critical for the Navy, as modern technologies enjoyed by civilians and service members alike often have military origins, such as cellphones, GPS systems, radar and others.

"As an institution, we have a responsibility to put innovative ideas to work solving the demanding challenges that lie ahead," said Navy Secretary Ray Mabus. "We must push to develop capabilities and concepts that make us more agile and resilient."

Other Navy patents in fiscal 2015 include using agricultural waste to make silicon carbide, removing nitrous oxide from exhaust gas, and a reusable laboratory seat for aircraft crash testing.

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