LSUs Phi Delta Theta Fraternity suspended after potential hazing death

Sept. 19 (UPI) -- The Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Louisiana State University has been formally suspended after an investigation was launched into a suspected hazing death of a student.

Matthew Raymond Gruver, 18, was taken from the Phi Delta Theta fraternity to a nearby hospital Thursday morning where he died shortly after. Police are investigating a potential hazing incident involving Phi Delta Theta.

Although the cause of death for Gruver is still unknown, a highly-elevated blood alcohol level and the chemical found in marijuana were found in his system according to the preliminary results of his autopsy.

Thursday, the fraternity's general headquarters announced the suspension and removal of the charter from the university while mentioning Gruver's death.

"We continue to keep the entire Gruver family in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. This is a very tragic situation that should have never happened," said the executive vice president and CEO of Phi Delta Theta Bob Biggs.

The decision to suspend the fraternity stems from the chapter violating its risk management policies and its alcohol-free housing policy.

Although the fraternity has an alcohol-free and blanket anti-hazing policy, numerous incidents of hazing have been reported among numerous chapters.

Phi Delta Theta says despite the decision to suspend the fraternity, they will continue to support the investigation into the death of Gruver, and they encourage authorities to prosecute those involved in the death to "the fullest extent of the law."
Sara Shayanian

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